90-Day Coaching 1-on-1 with Dr. Rose when you are ready to make shift happen already.  Accountability is a game changer and that is what you will have with me in this option. No nonsense, let's make shift happen.

For a Confident Business


Welcome!  This course is for anyone who wants to feel, be and build a level of confidence from within that feels unstoppable, that gives you results in your life and you see where you have got in your own way from having all you deserve and desire.  

So whether you have had success or no success in what you want for yourself, the reason you are here is that you KNOW you deserve more than what you have been settling for.  

So, I invite you to your own journey of unpacking, rebuilding, and restoring the Badass Confident version of you that will not only feel amazing but you will keep it for life (or as long as you say so, but more on that later inside the course!). See you there!