It's All GOOD

Acceptance of everything as perfect is freedom.  Stop Needing, Wanting, Insisting, and Controlling behaviors to "get" what you want.  Acceptance can feel contrary to what you know about manifesting.  Acceptance can feel confusing and even create doubt. This course describes what acceptance is, why it is inevitable that you will accept, and that nothing is wrong with accepting the way things are. Perfect.

When you accept all that you are, all that is, you are not simply saying words or going through some motions to get something.   You recognize who and what you truly are and what is actually happening for you!

There are NO RULES or set times on when/how often to listen if you choose to listen.

This is a pre-recorded educational presentation audio ONLY.  Your access to this course is unlimited and does not come with any coaching.  

Length of audio approx 50 minutes.

The ONE (2)