I help you go from behind the scenes of your life, to be the leading star of your life. 

Instead of learning techniques, goal setting tools or what you "should" be doing...I teach you how to transform you life from the inside out.  

Once you master YOU, all those tools, techniques and steps begin to work naturally and automatically.  

Everything begins with you!

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  • The Rosey Life

    “I am so glad I signed up to the WAKE THE HELL UP program with Rose. I've never done a 6 month coaching anything before.. there was a tiny bit of uncertainty but I'd known Rose for a while and sensed she had what it took to deliver something great. And YES, she does.
    Doing this course I had one big wish... and that was emotional stability. I had lots of other wishes and desires but knew that the key for me was the stability. Since starting in June I have changed A LOT. The stability is real and lasting. Along with the stability has also come... the car that I'd wanted and with high end specifications. My credit score is 'soaring high' which is way ahead of plan. And my business is building nice and steady. Many things are going well... for myself and for my family... and that brings a lot of contentment. I've been able to work through things psychologically with Rose and also diving and exploring the spiritual stuff.... I could talk to Rose in a way that is wholly different to traditional therapy... the spiritual stuff is a big part of who I am.
    If you want things to change in your life, you have to develop trust in YOURSELF! 💖💖💖 ”

  • The Rosey Life

    “Soon after our short chats or interactions, I found myself shifting away from the old and into the new. She has a special gift, which I believe is from her extensive background in psychology, to nail whatever it is that is holding you back. ”

  • The Rosey Life

    “my phone bleeped a text. It was my SP who had not texted me since saying goodbye to me on the phone two years previously. ”

  • The Rosey Life

    “As we worked together, each 1 on 1 and group call made me dig deeper under the layers of who I “thought” I was.
    Let me tell you, the person I was 6 months ago is NOT the person today.

    In 6 months I have started a business, not just a business but a SUCCESSFUL BOOMING business, got a HUGE pay raise at work, people wanting to help me grow and network started coming into my life left and right, my relationships with my family have improved tremendously…so much so that my father, who has NEVER came to visit me, I always had to visit HIM, drove to my house and stayed the weekend so he could take my kids trick or treating.
    If you’re on the fence about joining a program or working 1 on 1 with Rose, this is your sign it’s time.”

  • The Rosey Life

    “"I didn't think I would ever hear from her again, then I kept persisting and did the work you gave me....then one night she called me and we spoke on the phone for 4 hours after not hearing from her for a year! Thank you! I know I can do anything now!”

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