6 Month Platinum Coaching Program


Learn why and how you can stop reacting to your own reflection. This course covers the basic foundation of understanding what 3D is and includes suggestions on what you can begin implementing right away to take dominion over the seemingly impossible.  Most people hear "3D" and are confused as to what it really is and begin to search for ways on how to cope with it, deal with it or avoid it.  Doing such things will keep you trapped.  This course is an audio recording ONLY so that you can hear it over and over to let it really sink in. You can use this while you fall asleep or during the day.  There are NO RULES or set times on when/how often to listen if you choose to listen. Let the 3D off the hook for once and for all and free yourself! 

This is a pre-recorded educational presentation audio ONLY.  Your access to this course is unlimited and does not come with any coaching.

Length of audio approx 1 hour.


This course covers the basic foundation of understanding your imagination as reality.  Most learn that imagination is a wishful thinking mechanism to avoid and get back to "reality".  We all learned this wrong. Your imagination IS reality.  But knowing about this is not enough.  You must learn to use imagination.  Understanding what imagination IS allows you to trust in this power instead of seeing it as a "nice idea".  


This option is for urgent sessions you may want to book with Rose for a last-minute session.  These sessions are only for 60 minutes no other option is available for last-minute sessions.  Once I see you have purchased this option, I will send you an email with available times within 24 hours of your purchase for you to select. Please note this booking is handled separately from my usual session bookings as I accommodate you into my personal schedule away from my normal session times 😀 In the mean time's all going to be ok! xx Rose