90 Day 1 on 1 Coaching w/Dr. Rose Package

When you are ready for REAL & LASTING change, this is the best option.  We work together 1 on 1 weekly for 3 months.  I get to  know you beyond a session here and there.  I get to know your habits, and thought patterns, give you homework in between, and check up on you to hold you accountable until you get that consistency is KEY.  It's time to focus and get what you want. 


Client Review with the 90 days 1 on 1

"Rose is an amazing coach and mentor. I stumbled across her YouTube channel at the beginning of the year, and right away resonated with her no-nonsense message and delivery. Rose understands and implements spiritual laws flawlessly herself, and explains complex or esoteric topics in a simple, clear and relatable way.

I chose to do a 90 day coaching program with Rose as I wanted to grow in my confidence as the conscious creator of my life. I was a bit nervous about the initial investment, having never done 1:1 coaching of any kind before, but am here to say that it paid back in dividends. Not only is investing in yourself in this way with a world class coach the best investment you can make, but in my experience, I also happened to manifest a new job (among many other things) within the three months we intensively worked together which pays $50k more in annual salary each year. One could say that I 10x-ed my initial investment 

Working with Rose is exciting, fulfilling and intense (in the best way). She brings together beautifully her background as a therapist and her deep spiritual knowledge and connection — which was exactly what I was looking for. She listens deeply, asks all the right questions, and calls you out on your BS. She holds you accountable week-by-week but also warmly inspires and motivates you to do the work. She has helped me to not only step into my power as a conscious creator and manifest really cool things, but perhaps more importantly, has helped me to deepen my connection to my divine self, to trust myself a lot more, and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the boss of my life — not a bystander or victim of it.

I would highly recommend for you to work with Rose as well. You will grow in ways you likely cannot her imagine, learn a great deal about yourself, and in the process will also successfully manifest that which you desire. I absolutely love Rose, am so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to work work her —and will likely do it again!"

A.S.- California

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