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Since you have decided to invest in yourself, I want to invest in you too by offering you a special one-time discount for a 1 on 1 session with me.  This is the ONLY time and place I offer this discount.  My 1-hour sessions are 350 but if you add the session right now you receive a 1 on 1 session with me to schedule anytime you want to use it now or weeks or months from now for $299!!! Shhhh! this is a NEW offer.   This offer will not be retroactive once you complete your purchase here.  After your purchase of this course and you change your mind you may book with me any time through the website at the normal rate.  xo Rose


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The Rosey Life Course & Community


Awakening to your power at first can feel isolating or alone with the people around you not understanding what it is you keep talking about.  TRL set up this private community where other like-minded people just like you KNOW your imagination IS reality! 

Level up & grow in an amazingly loving and supportive community where the answer is always YES you can!

This course & community is like none other! You not only receive 12 self-paced lessons with homework that EVERYONE in the community is doing with you, but you also have access to my private community in this learning platform AWAY from social media to keep you focused on what matters...YOU.

Your level of awareness in this course will SKYROCKET to go within.  To your internal world of awareness where ALL change comes from.

I meet you weekly for a live to strengthen your learning AND answer your questions LIVE!

WHY Sign up for a year? Once you start manifesting the things you "thought" were impossible you won't want to stop leveling up, being around other like-minded people.  

So whether you have had success or no success in what you want for yourself, the reason you are here is that you KNOW you deserve more than what you have been settling for.  

So, I invite you to open up and discover the power that is within you that is LIMITLESS!  See you inside!


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